Monday, September 14, 2015

Summer and Birthday Fun

June is a very busy month for us. We have Lizzy's birthday is on the 6th, Alan's on the 24th, and William's on the 26th, not to mention all the birthdays we celebrate with extended family. This year Lizzy turned 4, wow I have a 4 year old, CRAZY! She was so excited, the day before she helped me make her cake and cupcakes for her party. She LOVED watching them bake in the oven.
 The first thing she asked for when she woke up the morning of her birthday was if she could open the present from Aunt Katie. It's her birthday so of course we said yes

 She loved it, Pink flamingos and skorts, she said, "Oh Katie is so thoughtful!"
 I asked her what she wanted for her birthday breakfast and to my surprise she said eggs and toast, I was expecting her to say pancakes. So Eggs and toast was made.

 BiRtHdAy GiRl

 We don't go super crazy with birthday presents because we know she is going to get a ton of stuff from extended family so we get one really big present, her very first bike. She was so excited because she kept seeing other kids in the neighborhood her age riding around on their bikes and she wanted one.

 She did so awesome her first time on it. We let her ride around all over

 We told her though she needs a helmet, so after her party we would go get one and she could pick it out. She of course got a Disney princess one to match her bike.
 For her party we went to Alan's work where they have a private park and played water balloon volleyball. It was way fun and Lizzy did really good, daddy was her partner.

 William just wanted to play in the sand
 At the end of the night I told Lizzy I had one more surprise for her, a birthday bubble bath. We waited till little brother was asleep for the night and I filled my tub with as many bubbles as I could, she loved it! She kept singing "I'm in my birthday bubble bath" over and over. Overall the day was a success!!
 A few days later was my niece Katelyn's birthday. Lizzy and her are bestest friends. My sister rented out an inflatable water slide and a bunch of other carnival type stuff. It was really fun.

 All William wanted was the watermelon and to be in the pool

 Katelyn got an Elsa dress for her birthday so of course Lizzy and her had to dress up like Ana and Elsa.

This is me 15 weeks pregnant

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Changes, lots of Changes

WARNING PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!!!! We moved into our home in Vineyard April 10, 2015!! We LOVE it!!There is so much space we don't know what to do with all of it! Our house is 3 times bigger than our townhome so it was quite an adjustment! Now I feel like I don't have a ton of crap. Here are a few pics of the new house. These were taken shortly after the move so sorry about how messy the house looks, it is much better now that we are more settled 

 Our kids have a bathroom all to themselves FINALLY!!
 Our Daughters room

 Our sons room

 Bedroom #3 our toy room for now
 Master Bedroom, this room is twice the size of our townhome room, there is so much space we could fit a couch and a desk in here.

 One of my favorite features is this very large tub in the master bathroom

 This is our front room, we have our desk and computer in here for now till we get furniture for this room.
 This is basically the entrance to our home

 Our Family room, the fireplace and bookshelves are what really sold me
 Dining room and kitchen
 We have quite a few empty cupboards still

We also have an unfinished basement where another bedroom and bathroom will go and we will have a game/movie room one day. right now we just have a bunch of toys and storage stuff down there, oh and the first addition to the game room, a dart board.

 St George Ironman, Alan went down to St George early this summer to promote his triathlon Doxa and we got to experience the childrens museum there. It was so fun, the best part was that it is free, they ask for a donation if you want only a $1 or $2.

 This little guy really liked flying the plane and touching all the buttons

 They had a little shop where you go and buy produce (all pretend) then you had to find the pictures of the products you got and put them back in the bins, they LOVED this!!
 Lizzy fixed a car

 Then we found the music room and had lots of fun with all the different sounds

 They have humming bird feeders just outside these windows and you can use the binoculars to check the humming birds out

 We needed a vacation pretty bad but we wanted to keep it cheep so we decided to head to Goblin Valley. Last time Alan and I went there was right before we got pregnant with Lizzy so it had been awhile. We stayed in our usual spot, by Goofy rock

 These two had so much fun climbing all over the place, they even made friends with the people camping next to us.

 You can't go camping without having smores

 It was pretty cloudy and we were a little worried that it might rain on us especially when we saw tons of lightning, but it was far away and no rain.
 The next day we spent a good 2 to 3 hours in the goblins. It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. We got a little sprinkled on but that made it even better because it cooled us down.

 Last time Alan and I were there we got a picture of me just like this and Alan wanted to do it with Lizzy

 My two very happy boys

 Lizzy called this Yodas chair
 We found Yodas cave and decided to eat lunch there.
 Snacking on Starbursts
 and Cheetos

 The night before as I was cooking my hot dog I laid my very hot roasting stick on my finger and got a nasty burn

 Lizzy also called this Yodas chair

 Right as we got back to our car it began to pour!! It was a massive microburst. So we just sat in the car and enjoyed some food and listened to the rain till it calmed down a bit.

We also found out about a month before moving into our new home that I am pregnant!! We had been trying to get pregnant for a few months and we are due November 29th, Thanksgiving baby whoop whoop. On July 13th we found out that it is a little boy, we both were very surprised and excited!! We have yet to pick a name out but this is a first for both of our families (except Meg and Merrill) We will have two boys and one girl. For the first time in my LIFE I will be out numbered by BOYS!!! Yes I am a little freaked out but boys are a lot of fun!!